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Shift to sustainability: Be a part of #MyBluKms

Thick smog covers the city!

We all are familiar with this headline that starts making rounds as soon as winters creep in the national capital region. The story remains the same, year on year.

During the course of the last one year nature showed off its omnipotent power of healing and that is what needs to be talked about more and more. EVs are the answer to one of the biggest problems faced currently by mankind and it is the need of the hour for us to make the big shift towards a cleaner, greener and sustainable commute option.

BluSmart is India’s first all electric shared smart mobility platform for efficient, affordable, intelligent and sustainable mobility. When you ride with BluSmart you get to be part of a revolution that helps reduce the carbon footprint by emitting CO2 emission and doing a favour to the coming generations. We’ve been cognizant of our role in making electric mobility accessible to all & motivate people to switch to a cleaner mode of commute by undertaking various initiatives.

One such initiative is #MyBluKms!

What is #MyBluKms?

It is the annually held interactive in-app contest by BluSmart that aims at promoting the positive impacts of electric mobility by motivating people to take more and more rides in electric cabs during the offer period. Through this campaign, we focus on reducing the city’s burden of air pollution which sees a spike during the winters. The challenge encouraged thousands of people to switch to an eco-friendly mode of transportation with the help of our user friendly app.

#MyBluKms 2020

The challenge was taken up by the masses which helped in curbing Co2 emissions, saving fuel and making our beautiful city pollution-free. Together we saved 1.5 tonnes of Co2 emissions with the help of our riders who adopted the sustainable mode of transportation, i.e, travelling in eco-friendly, electric cabs. We take these numbers as an inspiration to move forward this year and welcome you to join us in this journey.

How can you join the challenge?

Just by the click of a button you can be part of something great and meaningful.

By clicking on 'Join the contest' option in the app you get enrolled for this month-long contest and all your rides thereafter give you points which keep you in contention to win amazing gifts from BluSmart.

What's in it for you?

Good deeds don't go to waste! While you enjoy your eco-friendly rides and help save billions of lives we will be keeping a track of your progress and for every 1 km you get 1 point on our basic cabs whereas it's 2 points for every 1 km on rentals. There's also ways in which you can earn some bonus points.

These points add up throughout the offer period and the in-app scoreboard can be used to track your progress. There's 1 mega prize and 14 gift hampers for a total of 15 winners from the leaderboard.

The prizes!

Topping the leaderboard not only makes you stand out amongst thousands of participants but also makes you the one that actually did something to make your city's air quality a little better.

It's a win-win!

Mega prize (1st position): iPhone 13

Subsequently, the next 15 riders will receive exclusive gift hampers from BluSmart.

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