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To all the healthcare workers on duty, get 50% off on all BluSmart rides and rentals!

All healthcare workers who have been working tirelessly in responding to the global health crisis - trying to protect the community during this unfortunate situation - have been caught in the eye of this global storm. But, amidst stories of gloom and despair, there are also heartwarming stories of self-sacrifice and perseverance. There are countless instances of our brave medics on duty, who despite being stretched thin, are going above and beyond their call of duty to help l

Book a BluSmart and get 50% off to and from the vaccination centres in Delhi and Gurugram!

In January 2021, India launched the world’s largest vaccination drive for its citizens to curb the spread of the raging virus. Vaccinating the masses is the key to overcoming this pandemic and getting back to our lives, as we knew it pre-covid. While the vaccination drive had started in full swing earlier this year, the uncalled second wave in April 2021 brought with it a series of unforeseen challenges. One of them being, hampering the access to vaccination for lakhs of citi

#SaferAlways: Today, tomorrow, everyday!

2020 turned our world upside down. Chaos prevailed but so did hope. No matter how challenging it was, the bygone year taught us some crucial lessons. Most important of them being the sheer necessity of safety and hygiene. We, at BluSmart, were quick to adapt ourselves to this ‘New Normal’ of which sanitization was the foundation. We immediately reinvented ourselves with elevated safety practices that help curb the spread immensely and comforts our community of drivers and rid

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BluSmart Blog is the place to learn about EVs, electric vehicles in India, ride-hailing & more. We publish exciting content about how India is reshaping itself as the new hub for EVs in the world.

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