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EV Sales Trends in India 2022: How is India Electrifying & What Lies Ahead?

It’s been quite some time since EVs have become the go-to vehicle in many households. While the penetration might be a minuscule percentage against internal combustion-engined vehicles, it certainly is progressing over the years. In 2021, the worldwide sales of electric vehicles touched 6.75 million units worldwide. People are likely to move towards electric vehicles as they have created a profound impact on the end consumer. This will further be cemented by government subsid

#MyBluKms 3.0: Here's How You Can Win an iPhone 14 Just In a Few Taps

When it comes to electric vehicles, there’s no doubt about India getting a hang of it. However, the reasons for getting attracted to and intrigued by EVs might differ from one person to another. For some, it is the sheer technology that EVs run on, and for others, electric vehicles seem to be an economical alternative to fuel-based vehicles for their daily commute. However, for us, EVs hold a very special place. We believe that India has the potential to embrace this technolo

World Environment Day 2021: Let's reduce our carbon footprint together!

Henry David Thoreau, a famous American poet and philosopher once said, ― “What is the use of a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?” It has been difficult for all of us as humans to cope with the destructive and devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. But, the past many years have been much harsher on our environment due to human-induced misdeeds that resulted in climate change, dwindling wildlife and marine life, deforestation, pollution and so on.

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EV cabs in Gurgaon


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