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Top 7 Most Googled Questions About 'Electric Cabs': ANSWERED!

Many around the country are still figuring out the impact, status, and overall presence of electric vehicles in India. Yes, we definitely have come a long way, when it comes to the adoption of electric vehicles in the country. However, when it comes to the awareness and knowledge about EVs, their functioning, and what makes them the ‘thing of the future’ there still lie a few questions. So, what do most people want to know about EVs? Let’s find out by answering some of the mo

5 Things EV Owners Are Tired of Hearing in India

If you have ever owned an EV or own one currently, it might feel like a silent, stress-free money-saving life. However, had you ever thought, that half of your time would go into answering questions about that EV of yours? Well, that’s one of the pros or cons (depends on how you look at them really) of owning an electric vehicle in India. While things have started taking shape, and there’s a seemingly larger percentage of the population aware of the concept & traits of an EV,

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